Great stands... Many thanks gentlemen.

Mario in New York

They are just as I envisioned, I can’t get over how good they look. The workmanship is first rate. The powdercoat finish is excellent and appears to be quite durable. And the best thing is my AR-11’s never sounded better! This is just a great product, you really need to put your name on them.

Ted in New York

Got them, love them. Thank you!!!! Perfect fit! You could charge double and nobody would blink. Great work!

Tom in Texas

Thanks again for your terrific photos !

From an acoustic point of view, these stands are just what the doctor ordered. The speakers sound great.

Roger in Massachusetts

I received the stands yesterday and they're great. Got the speakers off the carpet and has really cleaned up the sound.

Ron in Georgia

You could easily double

the revenue generated from these stands.

Justin in Kansas

The speaker stand is AWESOME!

Richard in California

They are perfect. Thank goodness for those rear adjusters. I have them cranked all the way to point the speakers directly at my noggin.

Richard in New York