Anthony in Illinois

I'm an audio engineer by trade and am very sensitive to acoustic resonances. These stands are incredibly neutral sounding, which is the highest compliment I can pay. I'm really loving the stands. Thanks so much for all of your clear communication and excellent work. They look beautiful, they are built exactly to spec, they are a great value for the money, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. They really look, feel, and sound as if they came with the speakers directly from the factory.

Chris in Virginia

Mark in Washington

Keith in Texas

These speakers stands have really improved the sound of my system. I would recommend the stands to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their system.

Skip in NC (2014)

Hello guys, lovin' my speaker stands in Atlanta. Sending you pics as promised of your stands with my Canton CT-1000s nested next to Polk Monitor 70s. I'm so impressed with the look and quality that I'd be tempted to place the Polks on stands even though they don't need them. Notice that the stands fit the Cantons so well

that they look like they were integrated with the speakers from the factory. These babies are very heavy, but your stands are so solid and well built, I have absolutely no worries. The quality finish is well suited for the superior craftsmanship of the Canton cabinets. Please accept my highest endorsement of your excellent product.

Mark in Georgia

Chris in Minnesota

Literally perfect!

Unbelievable!! You exceeded my highest expectations.

Justin in Kansas