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I recently came across a pair of KLH 5s, but didn't have appropriate stands. A quick search on ebay kicked up a guy selling custom made, welded and sand filled stands for ~$75. I thought that sounded too good to be true but $75 wasn't a huge risk so I bought them. I was really sold by the fact that the seller could modify the stands to help make them baby/toddler proof, I have a 4 month old and a 3 year old. I was absolutely stunned by the improvement they brought. I immediately ordered another pair for my GR Research AV2s and encouraged my dad to get them. My dad's KLH 6s weren't on toddler proof stands. He liked his so much he immediately ordered 2 other pairs! So far, my dad and I bought 5 pairs of these stands!

The biggest improvement is in the soundstage and voice separation. I hear a lot more detail because the voices aren't standing on top of each other anymore. The speakers are now utterly invisible sonically. There is also much improved dynamics which I attribute to the silent background. I had the GR Research on good stands too. They were DIY made of 3/4" mdf on spikes and the center column was filled with sand. Long story short, this is a component level upgrade. Its as if I went out and bought significantly better speakers, not bad for $75. In a way, I'm kind of annoyed because I was really proud of the stands I built. I would never have even considered new speaker stands had I not come across the KLH 5s, which did not fit the stands I built for the GRs.Here is a link to the discussion:


From GK in New Jersey...I was away over the weekend, just getting back and finally had the chance to check out the stands (they arrived while I was gone).WOW. They're terrific! You weren't kidding about the powder coating. It is excellent and feels not only durable but matte enough to help keep anything resting on it from slipping. And that's just the "icing on the cake." Anthony's workmanship is excellent, very professional. The welding spots, beveled edges, and straightness of the supports looks first rate. Also, the stand weight is super--heavy enough to handle very large speakers but light enough to move around easily. I put my large, heavy Canton CT-800's on them and it was no problem, very sturdy. The KLH 23's look great on them too. The stands are a work of art... really. Anthony should engrave his name on the bottom. :-) I'm going to do a review write-up and post this on Audio Karma. Here's a link to my review: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?p=5024379

Just did a little review of the stands.Really enjoying them.Many thanks!

Sean in Michigan


Okay,after all that talk of DIY and wooden stands, I ended up going another route entirely and purchasing a pair of sand-filled, steel stands made to order by this guy. They weren't cheap, per se, at $75 plus shipping ($30), but he made them to my exact specs and they look beautiful. They even have adjustable metal spikes in the rear so I can tweak the tilt. The Dynacos sound great! Here's a couple pics. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?p=4955382

Anthony - Just a quick note to let you know that I received the speaker stands that you made for my ADS speakers and I am very pleased with the design, construction materials and craftsmanship of your product. They look great, fit perfectly and will probably last longer than the speakers. More importantly, the truly complement the look and performance of my ADS speakers.

Thanks again for making a quality product (in the USA!) at a reasonable price.Matt

I received a week ago your custom made stands for my vintage large monitors.After 3 days of listening sessions I would like to say that for an owner of vintage monitors from the seventies,your stands are the only way to know how speakers from the golden age sound.Deeper soundstage,improvements in the microdynamics,cleaner midrange and deeper bass.Excellent construction,awesome materials.At this price and quality there is nothing on the market.

Thank you very much,Fabrizio

Gorgeous! And what a huge difference in the perfomance of the speakers! Just unbelievable! Thanks so much! Just incredible, man! Thanks so much! Great work! Nick

I just wanted to let you know the stands arrived and they look great. Thank you for everything. I'll be very happy to recommend you to my friends.

All the best,Chris in N.Y.

Awesome work. They look great.Thanks, John in Missouri